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    A brother for Linus

    We are team green with a LO on the way in about 9 weeks. (DS is Linus Matthew.) We've finally narrowed our list down to about two names for each sex. Boys: Roscoe or Miles/nn Milo, possibly Crosby as the dark horse in this race.

    However, I never quit searching or considering other possibilities. My H and I both adore the nn Mac, but I feel like it needs a formal name with it. I love both Malcolm and Cormac, but H doesn't. Can you think of any other names that Mac could work for?

    Or any other feedback on our final two, or suggestions, are totally welcome! Thanks!
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    I love Linus! I vastly prefer Miles to Roscoe. However, I don't think either name has the flair that Linus has. Too bad about Cormac, because it would be perfect. Mac could be a nickname for almost any name. However, here are a few more obvious Mac choices:


    Or, you could choose a name with M A and C somewhere in there like:

    Mario Cade
    Marcus Callan
    Mitchell Cristoph get the picture.

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    With Linus, I like Milo the best (but not Miles).

    Felix, Oscar, Jasper, Casper/Caspar, Simon, Ezra, and Ephraim all sound nice together.
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    My favorite from your list is Milo as a brother for Linus.

    You could get Mac with Fermac (Irish meaning brightness), Malachi, Macaulay, or any 'Max' name and I think they would all sound great with brother Linus.

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    Wow, I adore Malcolm and Cormac! :'( Out of the choices, Miles is my fav...
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