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Thread: Baby Girl #3

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    Baby Girl #3

    I have two daughters and am expecting a third. I have Elliot Jo and Foster Helen (middle names are my grandmas name and my husbands grandmas name). I realize surnames/boy names are not loved by everyone on little girls. Right now, I'm loving the name Hartley for #3. What do you think? Does it "fit"? Any other suggestions? (Not interested in super trendy names like Addison, Emerson, Peyton, etc.) Thanks!

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    Hartley works well as a sister for an Elliot and Forster. It does sounds similar to Harley and Hailey. I think Rose is pretty as a middle name.
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    I'm not a big fan of Hartley, but it does fit in with your other two girls.

    Here are some other suggestions you might like:

    Remington (I think the nn Remi is so cute)
    Jamisen (nn Jamie)

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    With Elliot Jo and Foster Helen, Hartley works, but I just feel like you started out with such above-the-curve names (I'm not sure when your Elliot was born, but it's blowing up for girls just now, and Foster is way cool on any gender!), and -ley names are a dime a dozen. I'm not saying that to slight your choice in the least - just throwing that out there.

    In Hartley's place, I would suggest the equally playful and accessible, but decidedly surname-chic, Halsey. Easy to pronounce: [HALL-szee].

    That's my top pick for you, but I'd also suggest Tallis, Carden, Ashlan, or Sutton.

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    Hartley works well with the other unisex names you have.

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