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    Ivy as a middle name

    I search for names meaning bright, beautiful, shining, wonderful, ... going with Ivy as middle name.

    Please tell me your ideas for "... Ivy"

    Thank you!

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    Chantel Ivy
    Rachel Ivy
    Lauren Ivy
    Danica Ivy (morning star)
    Alyssa Ivy (Bright yellow flower)
    Bridget Ivy (Bright)
    Kenya Ivy (Beautiful Ebony)
    Zayne Ivy (beauty)
    Arabella Ivy (dutch, means Beautiful)
    Elynn Ivy (Light and Most Beautiful Woman)
    Leanna Ivy (beautiful woman)
    Alayna Ivy (beautiful)
    Chandra Ivy (Shining Star)
    Elaine Ivy (Shining Light, Sun Ray)- reminds me of the song, "You are my Sunshine." My mom used to sing this to me every night when I was little. I still think of it and it actually comforts me and reminds me of her all the time. My grandfather used to sing it to her, he's dying of cancer now and she sings it to him now in the hospital.
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    -Helena Ivy (Helena means bright shining one)
    -Lucinda Ivy (Lucinda is a variant of Lucy which means light)
    -Calista Ivy (Calista means "most beautiful")
    -Clarissa Ivy (Clarissa means "Clear,bright)
    -Clarabelle Ivy (Clarabelle means "bright and beautiful")
    -Astrid Ivy (Astrid means "divinely beautiful")

    Not sure if any of those are your style..but I think they work well with Ivy, and seem to follow the meanings you are looking for.

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    Thank you for all the names!

    I like some of them. I'll write them down and think about it!

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