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  • Adeline Contance

    51 45.54%
  • Scarlett Rose

    30 26.79%
  • Marie-Rose Contance

    3 2.68%
  • Alberta Rose

    6 5.36%
  • Paige Contance

    9 8.04%
  • Brailey Rose

    4 3.57%
  • Aubrey Rose

    9 8.04%
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    Exclamation Can't Decide AHHHH!

    She's two days old and still no name!!!! My daughter was born 10 weeks early and we hadn't decided a name yet. If she was boy she would have been named Oakley. She has lots and lots of dark brown hair and it's very thick. She will be very little her whole life due to being premature

    My husband says that he's okay with any of these names:

    Adeline Constance
    Scarlett Rose (I'm worried that this one has too much to do with the color red though)
    Marie-Rose Constance
    Alberta Rose - i love this name because we live in Alberta and the provincial flower here is the 'Wild Rose'
    Paige Constance
    Brailey Rose
    Aubrey Rose

    Contance is my mother-in-law's name and Rose is my mother's

    My children are:
    Beatrice- nn Bee
    (We never use Beatrice's full name)
    So they are Kaitlin, Bee, Calum and __________
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    I really like Adeline Constance! It's so elegant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karacavazos View Post
    I like this combo a lot!
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    Let's get this little Canuck named!

    Kaitlin and Calum are matched up so the vintage Beatrice needs an equally strong sister. Adeline Constance (or Constance Rose) is a great "fit" with Bea! Second choice would be Marie-Rose Constance.

    If you live in Alberta, I would avoid naming a baby after that province. Brailey and Aubrey are trendy and wouldn't age as well as Adeline. Paige and Kaitlin are matchy in sound. Scarlett Rose is too descriptive so it sounds like a THING not a name.
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