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    Cool Quick! Help me!

    My wife is being induced on Monday (decided for us yesterday) so we thought we had better go through the names we had previously written down and come to some kind of consensus - or at least narrow it down to a couple of names for each sex (don't know which variety we are having).

    To narrow the list down, and hopefully pick the same name, we secretly picked our top three names for each sex and compared... completely different choices for both sexes!

    Can you help by letting us know what you think of the names or suggesting alternatives along similar lines?

    I choose Saffron, Rose and Summer for a girl (though Tilly is really growing on me) and Jasper, Angus and Barney for a boy.

    My wife chose Daisy, Molly and Jemima for a girl and Noah and Isaac for a boy...Apparently you lose the ability to count when pregnant! Actually she didn't like any of the others enough to pick a third.

    The full lists:


    Daisy, Saffron, Rose, Molly, Tilly, May, Autumn, Summer, Florence, Jemima, Maizie


    Angus, Noah, Alfie, Isaac, Archie, Jasper, Barney, Barnaby

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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