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    Name A New Sibling

    1. Go to Add all the siblings in your family's names, including your own, to the list of inspirations. If there are more than six children in your family, you unfortunately will not be able to include all of them. If you are an only child, you can just use your name as an inspiration, or you can add imaginary siblings. Anyone can also make up a new family if they do not want to use their own family names. You could also use your childrens' names instead of your siblings' names if you wish.

    2. Click find names.

    3. Pick a name for a new sibling of each gender. You can choose a name that you think matches well with the other names in your family, or you can just pick a name that you would have liked your imaginary sibling to have.

    ~ Example ~
    I will pretend my name is Briony and my siblings are June and Felix. I will type of all three of our names into Nymbler. From the list that Nymbler gave me, I would name a new girl sibling Cecily and a new boy sibling Leo.

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