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    What do you think of my choices

    What do you think of my choices so far? I need help narrowing my list down!
    I never realized how hard it is to choose names, it's all I do now!

    Edmee Faith Ramona
    Maisie Faith Ramona
    Evangelie Faith Ramona (or could I put Evangelie and Faith together as a first name?)
    Juliet Faith Ramona
    Eleanor Faith Ramona
    Noemi Faith Ramona

    My kids are
    (3) Aubrianne
    (1) Graeme

    I was also wondering if Evangelie is a real name.... I love it so much but the hubby thinks it sounds made up.

    Faith and Ramona are going to be the middle names no matter what. Ramona is after my mother and my 3-yr old Aubrianne's middle name is Hope Rebecca so I was going for the theme of Faith, Hope & Love (If that's not too cheesy). And don't worry, Graeme's middle name isn't Love
    Thankyou, please give your feedback, anything is helpful!
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    With Aubrianne and Graeme, I would choose these three combos.

    1 Juliet Faith Ramona
    2 Eleanor Faith Ramona
    3 Noemi Faith Ramona (I prefer the Naomi spelling)

    I love Evangeline but not Evangelie which does look odd. Having Evangelie and Faith together may be too much. Edmee may be mispronounced (ay or ee?) and Maisie Faith Ramona has Ma/Fa/Ra beginnings so it's repetitive.
    All the best,

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    karacavazos Guest
    With your kids' names, definitely go with Maisie Faith Ramona. Beautiful!

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    Juliet Faith Ramona gets my vote!
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    I like either Maisie or Noemi best for the first name.
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