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    Rename your family

    Hey everyone, I've looked through a lot of these things and recently decided I wanted to try and decided to try the idea of renaming my family with names I find some connection with, so I hope this is something everyone will find fun. I'll start off,
    please note that I went of first instinct with these, they made sense when popping in my head.
    P.S. original/new names, and I put in 4 generations listed.











    Hope you have fun with this, and can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!
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    DH: Desmond Paul Bean, Sr.
    DW: Laura Elisabeth Bean (Purcell).
    - DD: Alondra Cate Bean.
    - DD: Nyla Isabelle Bean.
    - DD: Cadence Mary Bean.
    - DS*: Desmond Paul Bean, Jr.

    DH: Emerson Michael Preston.
    DW: Christina Rosemarie Preston (Martens).
    - DD*: Bianca Lei Preston.

    DH (DS*): Desmond Paul Bean, Jr.
    Ex-DW: Phoebe Ann Calzone.
    - DS: Messiah Jonathan Bean.
    - DS: Marshall Patrick Bean.
    DW (DD*): Bianca Lei Bean (Preston).
    - DD**: Allyson Rose Bean.

    DH: Frank Alexander Watson.
    DW: Carly Katherine Watson (MacFadyen).
    - DS: Brendan James Watson.
    - DS: Emanuel Vince Watson.
    - DS**: Leon Benjamin Watson.
    - DD: Nadia Catherine Watson.

    DW (DD**): Allyson Rose Bean.
    Ex-DH (DS**): Leon Benjamin Watson.
    - DD (me): Adelaide Marie Watson.
    DH: Dawson Thomas Bean (Keogh).
    - DD: Heaven Aleah Bean.

    Ex-DH (DS**): Leon Benjamin Watson.
    DW: Kyla Watson (Fichtner).
    - DS: Braden Vincent Watson.

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    Top Favorite: Elsie Gene & Conner Eugene
    Girls: Nala Hope, Adelynn Evie, Sophie Graciela, Marley Rose, Lux Isabeau, Alva Poppy, August Lilly
    Boys: Conner Atticus, Henry Scott, Liam Thomas, Jesse Milo, Jack Matthew, Max Nicolas, Colten Angel

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    DH: Alfred Boris Wakely Jr. "Freddie"
    DW: Ruby Jane Wakely

    DS1 (84): Alfred Boris Wakely III "Alfie"
    DS2 (81): Patrick Jasper Wakely


    DS1 (84): Alfred Boris Wakely III "Alfie"
    DW (82): June Amabel Wakely
    - DD1 (58): Thea Margo Wakely
    - DD2 (49): Esme Raina Wakely

    DS2 (81): Patrick Jasper Wakely
    DW (80): Philippa Alice Wakely "Pippa"
    - DS1 (55): Jack Oliver Wakely
    - DS2 (53): Patrick Jasper Wakely Jr.
    - DD1 (49): Clara Amelia Wakely
    - DS3 (47): Jensen Lucas Wakely


    DD1 (58): Thea Margo Orson
    DH (59): Flynn Timothy Orson
    - DD1 (33): Katherine Bryony Orson "Kate"
    -- DH (34): Charles Marcus Whittaker "Charlie"
    --- DD1 (3): Vada Emmeline Whittaker
    - DD2 (30): Harriet Eloise Stone "Hattie" (me)
    -- DH (32): Sebastian Miles Stone
    --- DS1 (6): Lachlan Malcolm Stone
    --- DS2 (4): Calum Windsor Stone
    --- DD1 (1): Saskia Blythe Stone "Sissy"
    --- DS or DD (exp): Rigby Tobias Stone or Flora Clementine Stone

    DD2 (49): Esme Raina Murray
    DH (68): Jameson Rex Murray "Jamie"
    - DD1 (22): Eleanor Maisie Murray "Nora"
    - DD2 (21): Adelaide Zara Murray "Adele"
    - DS1 (17): Harrison Alfred Murray "Harry"

    DS1 (55): Jack Oliver Wakely
    DW (52): Stella Antoinette Wakely
    - DD1 (23): Matilda Georgia Wakely

    DS2 (53): Patrick Jasper Wakely Jr.
    DW (52): Daisy Florence Wakely
    - DS1 (23): Jules Patrick Wakely
    - DD1 (21): Evie Marion Wakely

    DD1 (49): Clara Amelia Knoles
    DH (49): Kieran Arthur Knoles
    - DD1 (24): Tess Juniper Knoles

    DS3 (47): Jensen Lucas Wakely


    Freddie and Ruby's children:
    Alfie and Patrick

    Freddie and Ruby's grandchildren:
    Thea, Jack, Patrick, Esme, Clara and Jensen

    Freddie and Ruby's great-grandchildren:
    Kate, Hattie, Tess, Matilda, Jules, Nora, Adele, Evie and Harry

    Freddie and Ruby's great-great-grandchildren:
    Lachlan, Calum, Vada, Sissy and Rigby/Flora

    I don't know everyone's exact age or middle name so I made up a few, and I was basing this off of a family tree print-out I was given many years ago, so some of the people on this may have more children now than I am aware of. But I gave it by best shot and really enjoyed it!
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen ferris. lotus yvette. fauna margo. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor rusak. malcolm bruin. freddie walker.

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    DH: Arnold Horatio (deceased)
    DW: Francine Elspeth (deceased)

    DD1: Katrina Elspeth (75)
    DD2: Simone Philippa (72)
    Katrina and Simone

    DD1: Katrina Elspeth (75)
    exDH: Ezra Marshall (78)

    DD1: Johanna Elspeth (50)
    DD2: Claudia Francine (48)
    DH: Raymond Gregory (79)
    Johanna and Claudia

    DD2: Simone Philippa (72)
    DH: Garrett Bertram (deceased)

    DD1: Johanna Elspeth (50)
    DH: Kevin Lysander (52)

    DD: Sage Kathleen (20)
    DD: Kara Elspeth (15)
    Sage and Kara

    DD2: Claudia Francine (48)
    DH: Matthias Henry (66)

    DHsDD: Adelaide Emily (42)
    DHsDS: Gavin Jeremiah (40)
    DD: Greta Marina (15)
    DS: Jared Walter (13)
    Adelaide, Gavin, Greta, Jared

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