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Thread: Can I use them?

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    Forget about the dog names. Dogs live for 15 years. Dogs are dear, cherished pets, they are part of the family, but they are not children. They are not your flesh and blood, they are not the same species. Use Oliver, use Jack. You are not naming your kids after the dogs and your family members will get over it. To avoid confusion, you can refer to your sons as 'Little Jack' and 'Baby Oliver,' or JJ and Ollie, or something similar until the dogs die.

    Leo would be a great way to honor your family. Maybe extend it to Leonard/Leonardo just to appease everyone, and to avoid confusion he can go by Leaonard with most of your family but you can still call him Leo.

    Samuel is too close to Samantha, sorry. :P It's not a huge deal, but I can see this one actually stirring up trouble.

    I'd go over the girl's names, but honestly, you're reaching too deeply into your family tree. It's mean, but you have to consider that your child is going to outlive these people--she might never really meet them, know them, be around them. Is it more important for her to have a name that her mother is happy with, or that her distant, extended family is happy with?
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    I don't think you are overreacting but I do think (hope! your sig says you're a teen) since having kids and needing a name is a long ways off, you shouldn't be as worried.

    I agree with your naming concerns wholeheartedly but looking at the other names your list, I wouldn't be as worried. Evangeline! Cora! India! Holden! Nolan! Looks like you have plenty of beautiful names to choose from and if you still want those names, make Leo or Genevieve the middle name.
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    I appreciate the amount of thought you are putting into these decisions, and as a fellow name-nerd, I know how fun it is to speculate about names of future children. I'm concerned that you're looking into this so much that it's not just about having fun anymore, which takes away your enjoyment of thinking about names. Go ahead and daydream of a little Leo or a little Annabel and have fun with it. Your taste in names will change over the course of your life, so that by the time you are ready to have children, you may or may not even be interested in these names anymore. Life also has a funny way of giving you a spouse that has a different taste in names than you do, so compromises or agreements must be made when naming real children. Enjoy your daydreams, and have fun!
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    Yeah, sorry about that. I'm a generally anxious person so once I start worrying about something I can never let go of it.
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    I think only Emmeline/Gemma, Oliver and Jack would be an issue.
    I love Genevieve, Anneliese and Samuel. Your list is great.
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