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    Help naming my twins

    Hey berries I've been lurking here for a long time, and I decided it was time to finally create an account because I need help naming my little ones. I'm having a boy and a girl in a few months from now, and I'm very excited yet I have no idea what to name them. Something tells me to go with a theme (or at least names that sound good together) since that's what my parents did (we all have nature names). My husband wants to give them sophisticated, grown up names like his parents gave him and his siblings.

    Names we both like for the girl:
    Frances - which has always been one of my all time favorite names.

    Names I like for the girl but he doesn't:

    Names he likes for the girl but I don't:

    Names we both like for the boy:

    I personally have no idea what to name the boy.

    Names he likes for the boy but I'm undecided about:

    So, we need help with narrowing down what to choose as a first name & we have no idea what to pick as a middle name. For a middle name, I honestly want something that a bit unusual. I'm hoping you berries could help us out

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    Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to Nameberry!From your short lists, I think these names would be different but complementary for boy/girl twins. I like to use more subtle themes in the middle spot (eg. nature) because using themes in first names can sound kind of cheesy/matchy.

    Twin Sets

    1 Frances and Leo - two strong, classic and timeless names
    2 Violet and Leo - both have a vintage flair
    3 Phoebe and Leo - both are spunky and share an "ee" sound
    4 Hermione and Jasper - these two pair up well

    Middle Name Suggestions

    Leo Jasper (from your husband's list)
    Leo Benjamin
    Leo Raphael
    Leo Augustus
    Leo Bennett
    Leo Constantine
    Leo Ignatius
    Leo Thaddeus
    Leo Peregrine - I love this combo! Is a lion and a falcon too nature themed?
    Leo Matthias
    Leo Sterling

    Frances Bryony/Briony
    Frances Magnolia
    Frances Clover
    Frances Dahlia
    Frances Rowan
    Frances Willow
    Frances Juniper
    Frances Marigold
    Frances Primrose
    Frances Verity

    Other First Name Suggestions

    Frances and Hugo
    Stella and Milo
    Iris and Jack
    Grace and Louis
    Ivy and Felix
    Alice and Henry
    Lucy and Oscar
    Clara and Maxwell
    Charlotte and Oliver
    All the best,

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    My favorite pairing from your list is Phoebe and Leo-- classic, yet lively. Frances and Leo works too, but I would give Frances a lighter mn (Frances Mae, Frances Zoe, Frances Eve) and Leo a little longer mn (Leo Jonathan, Leo Thomas, Leo Montgomery) to balance the names out. I love a lot of mischa's suggestions for you too.

    Some other possibilities or alternatives/names that have a similar feel, sound, or meaning:

    Frances: Agnes, Agatha, Florence, Ruth, Esther, Susannah, Louisa, Dorothy, Felice
    Violet: Juliet, Vivian, Viveca, Rosalie, Camille, Veronica, Lillian
    Hermione: Hyacinth, Persephone, Octavia, Isolde, Honora
    Phoebe: Zoe, Thais, Sybil, Xanthe, Eliza, Thisbe, Lucy, Nora, Beatrix, Alice

    Miranda: Minerva, Mirabel, Lucinda, Miriam, Melisande, Cordelia, Madeline, Millicent
    Daisy: Daphne, Marigold, Rosalie, Lilac, Lily
    Penelope: Persephone, Octavia, Persis, Philippa, Philomena, Araminta, Cressida
    Ottilie: Ophelia, Matilda, Millicent, Giselle, Colette, Sybilla,

    Francine: Francesca, Delphine, Nadine, Josephine, Felice, Felicity, Flora, Marina
    Alexandra: Alessandra, Alexandrine, Cassandra, Audrey, Calandra, Sandrine, Aurelia
    Margaret: Margot, Marguerite, Pearl, Magdelena, Marjolaine, Marcella
    Agnes: Frances, Agatha, Ruth, Naomi, Talia, Una, Rachel

    Leo: Felix, Hugo, Eli, Levi, Ivo, Laszlo, Lawrence, Max, Sam, Cole, Tobias, Theo

    August: Julian, Lucian, Alexander, Abram, Adam, Angus, Malcolm, Abner, Rufus, Austin
    Jasper: Caspar, Asa, Cosimo, Roland, Rupert, Conrad, Nigel, Cassius, Isaac, Gabriel, Harold, Giles
    Emmett: Bennett, Edwin, Edmond, Truman, Clement, Gilbert, Trent, Dominic, Simon, Scott
    Flynn: Duncan, Yates, Wythe, Connor, Philip, Cormac, Quinn, Quentin, Quincy, Cole, Rafe, Bruce

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    Violet and Leo could both be considered nature names if you wanted a theme. I think it's subtle enough. Jasper would also work; it's a gem stone.

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    My favourite twin-combinations:
    Leo and Violet
    Leo and Agnes
    Flynn and Ottilie

    Some different suggestions:
    Charles and Nora
    Felix and Amelia
    Henry and Clara
    Oscar and Alma
    Sylvester and Marie
    Theo and Evangeline
    Vincent and Adelaide

    Middle name suggestions:
    Leo Helios
    Leo Vincent
    Leo Aloysius
    Leo Percival
    Flynn Illyrio
    Flynn Leonidas

    Violet Zenobia
    Violet Aviaja
    Agnes Ophelia
    Agnes Heloise
    Ottilie Aliena
    Ottilie Valinor
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