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    First Names for Juliet and Lorelei

    Not expecting, just discussing

    Been discussing names lately with the SO, and if we ever had twin/two girls we'd like to give one the middle name Lorelei (after my mom, who is Laurie Lyn) and the other the middle name Juliet (after his mom, who is Julie). The only problem is I'm picky when it comes to girls names and most of the ones that I can think of are 3 syllables, which wouldn't work because our last name is also 3 syllables.

    Some combos we thought of are:
    Bridget Lorelei
    Charlotte Lorelei

    Sophie Juliet
    Penelope Juliet

    Do you like any of these? Any suggestions?
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    Sophie Juliet is lovely! I always preferred Sophie to Sophia.

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    I love Bridget Lorelei and Sophie Juliet! Sophie and Bridget go really well together!
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    I like Juliet and Lorelei as fns! But here are some possibilities for fns and using those as mns:

    Avis Juliet
    Beatrix Juliet
    Corinna Juliet
    Daphne Juliet
    Eden Juliet
    Helena Juliet
    Rose Juliet
    Theresa Juliet
    Vivian Juliet

    Astrid Lorelei
    Beth Lorelei
    Cassandra Lorelei
    Fiona Lorelei
    Greta Lorelei
    Mary Lorelei
    Nadia Lorelei
    Sylvia Lorelei
    Thais Lorelei
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    I think you should choose whatever first names you and your SO like best or ones that have special meaning to you. Meaning is way more important than flow, plus the syllable thing is just a guideline not a rule. Some names sound fine when first, middle, and last have the same number of syllables. My first, middle, and maiden all had 2 syllables and it still flowed. My dad's name is the same way.

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