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    Alright, let me try and figure this out again. You are set on Adeliah in some capacity - is that correct? I am still really curious to hear what specifically it is about the name that is calling to you. I am honestly worried that it's going to cause issues with spelling and pronunciation in the future for your child. I understand that many other Ad- names have climbed up the charts recently, but two you might still consider are Adela or Adelina [ah-deh-LEE-na]. Regardless, if you're set on using Lydia, I don't think any Adeliah-like name works with her - the sounds are way too similar.


    1. Use a formal first name like you've done for your other girls, so maybe Katherine, and use a Lydia variant - Lyda - as the middle name. Lyda has that "lye" sound you liked in Adeliah. Katherine Lyda can most certainly go by "Lyda" with no issues.

    2. Sometimes if you've carried a name with you through several pregnancies without using it, it's better to just start fresh with something new, but equally or more meaningful, for baby. You could do that by using Lydia as the first name to honor grandmother Lydia, but then throwing in a new middle name that baby would go by, such as: Lydia Serenity (Serenity, Seren, Sera, Ren), Lydia Keren (meaning "strength, power" - Keren, Keri, Ren), Lydia Rainey (meaning "powerful" - Rainey, Rain, Raina), Lydia Calla (meaning "beautiful" - Calla, Callie), Lydia Jolie (meaning "pretty" - Jolie, Joie, Jo, Jojo), Lydia Bellamy (meaning "fine friend" - Bellamy, Belle, Bella, Amy, Libby), Lydia Chara (meaning "joy" - Chara, Char, Ara), Lydia Brisa (meaning "beloved" - Brisa, Brie, Risa), Lydia Carys (meaning "love" - Carys, Cary), Lydia Milena (meaning "love, warmth, grace" - Milena, Mila, Millie, Lena).

    My favorites are Lydia Rainey, Lydia Bellamy, and Lydia Milena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie413 View Post
    The names are too similar to begin with for me. They both have the same L, D and A sounds. So it sounds very run-on when said together. I would rethink this combo.
    Ditto. They're much to similar.

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    Actually Adeliah started with Atalaya which is a Spanish name for a castle in South Carolina. I use to go their often as a child as well as to Brook Green Gardens. I have always thought the name was unusual and very beautiful but was unsure of the spelling as it is not pronounced like it looks in the English language. My paternal Grandmothers name was Adell so we tried to tweak the name a little, but still having the same basic sound. It sounds close to Delilah but without the extra L and it has an added A on the front.
    So thats how we came up with that name, a name that we didn't feel was so out there , was unusual, but was similar to some of the other names that are becoming so popular now like Adelaide and Adeline.
    We have just been unsure now if it really would work with Lydia. It has a different amount of syllables which i like but it really just sounds like one very long( although lovely) name run together. I have not heard how anyone feels about adding a one syllable second middle name like Jane to help with the flow. Any thoughts? You are also welcome to add any new unusual beautiful names to the mix to replace the one we have already.

    Milena is a lovely name but we happen to know someone who has a daughter named Milena. I am not a fan of Rainey or any names ending in that sound like Janie. Bellamy is lovely and sweet, my family is not a fan of this name though. If it was a last name in our family it might be more considered.

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