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    Although I don't think it has the best of flow, it's certainly not the worst. If you love the name, go for it!
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    I like it. A beautiful name.
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    I think they go well together. They're not too similar. It's a good combo so go for it!

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    I do think Lydia and Adeliah have too many of the same sounds - and same letters - to truly "work." If I may ask, what is it specifically about Adeliah that you love? Is it something you could find in another name? If it's the "ad" sound, I'm not sure I'd put that right up against Lydia - it's a lot of D - so maybe something like Lydia Katherine Adele would work. If it's the "del" sound you like, maybe you could go with something like Lydia Madeline, which breaks up the sound patterns a little nicer. If it's the "lye" sound you like, perhaps you could try something very melodic like Lydia Lyra; it's almost too lyrical, but the different consonants in the middle make it work. If it's the meaning - and I think Adeliah is an Ada/Adele/Adela/Adelaide variant, which means it's meaning is "noble" - you might go for Lydia Heidi. Or, you could potentially use Adeline Lydia, which uses a variant of Adeliah and grandma's name to make a great-sounding combination.

    Best of luck!

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    I think it works fine. I think it is more important to love the name she will be called.

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