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Thread: Eve :)

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    I love Eve! Something about it's simplicity makes it so beautiful, and I dare say, a little more exotic than Eva. Jane is the queen of the simple elegant names, but I feel that Eve is so underused (where I live) and just enhances a little girl, rather than overpower her like some super frilly, feminine names can.

    Eve Juliet
    Eve Chloe
    Eve Anastasia
    Eve Sophia
    Eve Beatrix
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    Eve is one of my favorites. Te nn Evie is adorable. I agree that a 3 syllable middle name seems to work best.

    Eve Juniper, Eve Gillian, Eve Emily, Eve Alexis, Eve Marianne
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    I love Eve! It's so fresh. I don't like Eva as much, for some reason it feels a bit dated to me. Evie is adorable as a nickname, and I always love Juliet, it's one of my favorites. However I'm not so sure that Eve and Juliet flow together so good. Evie Juliet, for example would sound better in my opinion, but I don't know if you think that's too nicknamey for her first name.
    Good luck!

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    Ohh thanks berries!! I like these suggested combo's:
    Eve Madeleine
    Eve Ariana
    Eve Ariella / Arielle
    Eve Calista
    Eve Clementine
    Eve Charlotte
    Eve Isobel
    Eve Rosalie
    Eve Adeline
    Eve Adelaide
    Eve Lisette
    Eva Isabelle
    Eva Juliette
    Eve Wilhelmina
    Eve Sophia
    Eve Juniper

    Thanks so much! He liked Arielle and Madeleine I really like longer versions, but I can't with our surname being really long the flow goes really badly off

    I appreciate all the opinions so much though!!

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    I'm in love with the name Eve! I love Eva too, but Eve packs the most punch. It is pure understated class and beauty.
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