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Thread: Eve :)

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    Eve is very pretty, but slightly too nicknamey for me to use it on its own. I would definitely say Eva is fine, though. You could also consider Evelyn or Evangaline.
    I think a few people might wonder if you're Christian, but I doubt it would be such a big problem. Again, though, Eva might be better in that regard.
    It's short and sweet, a great choice overall. But be warned- with Ava being so popular, people might look to Eva instead, and it could become very popular very quickly.

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    Thank you ladies for all your opinions!!

    kala_way, Eve Gwendolyn is so lovely!! As is Eve Julianne <3

    ashthedreamer, I am very aware of the thoughts people have on Eve. Though I'm not religious, my family are Independent Fundamental Baptists and I grew up in church and christian schools. However, the stigma doesn't bother me. I kind of look at is as people could find a negative person to associate any name to and it does have positive associations as well <3 I guess its also in the same way that Delilah is a lovely name yet it has less than pleasant biblical associations. David is mostly known for being good King David and a good shepherd boy who slew Goliath but people don't remember him for committing adultery with Uriah's wife then sending Uriah to the front lines of a war to be sure he'd be killed so he could have Bathsheba. Eva and Eve almost feel like the same name to me and we like both, but Eve seems to flow with his surname best.
    Eve Caroline Jane is so lovely!!! I adore it!! I had Evie Caroline on my personal list before we got pregnant. However, my man hates Caroline but loves Carolyn? (silly, but whatever). I wish I could use Eve Caroline though <3 He loves Jane, but Eve Jane is too short. Eve Madeleine and Eve Penelope are also so lovely but too long :'( Our surname actually is similar to Mike Wazowski's from Monsters Inc Its a long polish name with an -owski ending haha. So its hard to pair anything more than two syllables with it!

    jenn_warwick, Eve Celeste, Eve Katherine, and Eve Fiona are lovely!! I'm really liking Eve Celeste actually <3

    heyitsme18, I like Evangeline but its far too long with our surname Evelyn is alright, but it makes me think of Crabtree & Evelyn the english lotion store and John Evelyn the botanist who was part of the foundation to the name of the store lol! Sad I would know all this :') Ava is incredibly popular, and honestly Eva is in the top 100 for my state! Along with Evelyn and Genevieve <3 Eve itself isn't, but Eve and Eva are so close its really little difference
    It wouldn't be a horrible offense by any means for someone to question whether I'm christian or not over the name lol. I'm not religious, but its such a beautiful name

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    I prefer Eva over Eve. Eve just seems incomplete to me. Evie is an adorable Nickname though! Have you thought of using a longer name, ie. Evangeline, and shortening it to Eva/Evie? Here are some Eva combinations I really like:

    Eva Elaine
    Eva Isabelle
    Eva Claire
    Eva Magnolia
    Eva Magdalene
    Eva Madeleine
    Eva Noelle
    Eva Nicole
    Eva Juliette (like your Eve Juliet)

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    I love the names Eve and Eva (I slightly prefer Eva). And Evie is an adorable nickname. Possible middle names are:
    Raphael Severus Percy Mercury Arthur Vladimir Fox Peregrine
    . . . . Rafa Pip Dart Fox . . . . . . . . .
    Marguerite Ophélie Elisabet Valentina Catherine Xochitl Aliénor Francesca
    Meg Sabet Cato Léu . . . . . .
    Lavender Felicitas Miuccia Immaculée Alceo Willem Balthasar Jannes

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