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    This or that - unusual girl names and familiar ones

    Bianca or Melora
    Melise or Lila
    Daenerys or Lucille
    Georgina or Eliza
    Emma or Leda
    Noemi or Daphne
    Elodie or Romilly
    Amelina or Coria
    Aurora or Orchid
    Rebecca or Cosima
    Melisande or Brigita
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I just notice mistake I put in title and now I can't change it. Added some names.
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Lucille- I like Daenerys to, but maybe for mn..
    Emma or Leda- not sure
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    Seraphina Juliette Audrey. Evangeline Laetitia Odette. Catalina Ariadne Helen. Valentina Bellatrix Yvaine
    Violetta Catherine Lenore. Isabelle Faustina Clare. Rosalind Anna Belphoebe. Guinevere Cassia Ottilie
    Vanessa Rose Aphrodite. Helena Edelweiss. Talitha Caroline. Aurelia Madelief

    Peregrine Lysander James. Gavriel Alexander Callum. James Luca Auberon. Edmund Frederic Altair
    Perseus Arthur Flynn. Cassius Jason Alaric. Damien Alexei Orion

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    Bianca or Melora - prefer the sound and nicknames
    Melise or Lila - Melise feels a bit flimsy, not as interesting or fun as Lila
    Daenerys or Lucille - as a first name, I prefer Lucille. Daenerys could be a cool mn for a fan of ASOIAF
    Georgina or Eliza - prefer Elizabeth and Georgiana to both, although they are all lovely names
    Emma or Leda - I like the literary connotations Emma has
    Noemi or Daphne - I like the French Noémie better
    Elodie or Romilly - feels fresher with all the El- names at the moment. Plus Romy is an adorable nn
    Amelina or Coria - Coria is interesting but feels incomplete. Amelina fits in with Amelia et al but has a little extra
    Aurora or Orchid - just sounds prettier
    Rebecca or Cosima - more unexpected
    Melisande or Brigita - has a more magical quality
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    Melora - dislike Bianca character from Taming of the Shrew - couldn't use though since SiL is Laura
    Lila - lots of love for Lila - can't use it with last name that starts with Li though
    Daenerys - yeah, I love this name, love the character, and I would totally use it cuz I am a HUGE fan and I don't care what others think :razz:
    Georgina - not really a fan of either, but I pick Georgina cuz I like nn Gigi
    Leda - prefer Leta/Lita Emma is lovely, but way too popular
    Daphne - but I really don't like either
    Amelina - but I like just Melina better
    Aurora - but dislike nn Rory
    Rebecca nn Becca - I like Cosima, but it has pronunciation issues - even I was pronouncing it wrong for years
    Melisande - I would add an R - Melisandre - another GoT character

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