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    Since you call her "little sparrow" I'm surprised no one has mentioned the French singer Edith Piaf (La Vie En Rose). Her birth name was Edith Gaisson, but was known as "la môme piaf"- French slang for "the little sparrow". I'm not sure you would want to use Piaf as a middle name, but perhaps another word for sparrow?

    Moineau (another French word for sparrow)
    Passero (Italian)
    Gorrión (Spanish)

    It's a lovely sentiment!
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    I suggest the name Marin. I think it would sound lovely with Senia. You have great name style, Senia Hero is absolutely gorgeous. I am sure your next child will have an equally as beautiful name! Congratulations!!
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    anissa7 - thanks! I love Xanthe too! DH is concerned about pronunciation problems but I don't think it is too much of a problem.

    cristinamariane - Apollonia is beautiful! Would consider it if our daughter's name didnt end in -nia but it's a great suggestion! Artemisia is a beautiful suggestion too! I will ask hubby about that one, as her was concerned about Artemis being to masculine.

    kala_way - I love Circe and I also worry about the 'matchyness' with Senia Althea Dove, Malin Circe & Althea Circe are all great suggestions! Will definitely consider Circe as a middle.

    rowangreeneyes - Ruca was my DH's Grandmothers name, we're unsure of the origin though. And thank you for the lovely compliment! Your daughters name is beautiful

    yael - Cosima Dove & Malin Dove are both lovely combos, I'm really loving Dove as a middle name right now.

    sillysheila - That's a lovely idea! Piaf looks interesting, how would you pronounce it? (just checking I'm pronouncing it right!) Mioneau & Pessero are also both beautiful, I never thought of looking for names meaning Sparrow. Thank you!

    shaelahtoba - Marin is beautiful! I've always liked Marina but my DH never liked it, I'll see what he thinks of Marin! And thank you for the lovely compliment, and I am also sure that we will eventually pick the perfect name! (hopefully!)

    Again, Thanks for all of the replies so far! They've all been very helpful.
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    I like:

    Althea Salome
    Cosima Dove
    Ianthe Ever
    Xanthe Solace

    Cosima Dove is my favorite.

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    I love both Cosima and Apolline... please use one of these for me! I can't get husband on board because he thinks they're too unusual (but DD is Eulalie! Don't know how I managed to get that over the line!).

    Love the nn options of Apple and Polly... and Mim and Coco!

    Good luck!

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