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    Help with some combinations

    So here is my list combos and all and the reasons why they were chosen
    Isobel Jamesie Rose: Isobel is my grandma, Jamesie is my nana and Rose is a filler
    Matilda Anne Elizabeth: Anne is a family middle 3 generations so far and Elizabeth is because both my mums and my grandmas names are variants (Elspeth and Isobel)
    Eleanor Hadley Louise: Louise is my sisters middle name and Hadley i just like
    Alice Demeter Grace: Demeter is the greek goddess of farming and Grace is my only known great grandmas name
    Eloise Buttercup May: The princess bride is my mums favourite movie and May is for my grandma who is born in May and one of her middles is Mary.

    Other options are:
    Nadia for my sister who is a gymnast
    January for mine and my mums birth month
    Asher similar meaning to my brothers Isaac
    Onyx similar meaning to my name

    My grandma is Isobel Anne Mary Margaret my Nana's full name I don't know but both there maiden names are unusable and very scottish. My mum is Elspeth Anne. My sister is Adele Louise and I am Ebony Anne

    Thanks Ebs
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    Eleanor Hadley Louise is a beautiful name, I like Matilda Anne (Grace? Rose?), and Eloise is lovely too.

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    Eleanor Hadley Louise and Eloise Buttercup May are both fabulous!

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