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  • Adelaide Hanako

    13 14.77%
  • Agnes Indira

    19 21.59%
  • Astoria Miharu

    56 63.64%
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    @sansa_nanami, could you tell, what's the story behind these names? I've never heard neither Sansa nor Nanami before. And they are not in Nameberry base
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    yael: Of course!

    Sansa - Is a name I came across when reading the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George RR Martin; it was the name of one of his female POV characters. I hadn't heard it before then and I ended up thinking it was a really beautiful, uncommon, but not weird name. Over time, it grew on me to the point where I couldn't let go of it. The character in the book herself is one that I can identify with, so that made the connection a bit stronger. As to pure name origins, I'm not sure if Sansa is a "real" name, although I have heard it is Sanskrit, or possibly linked to the name Sancha (name meaning: pious, holy).

    Nanami - Is a Japanese name. I've noticed Nameberry is lacking a lot in at least the Japanese name base, sadly. Nanami's name meaning can vary a little based on what kanji characters it would have been written with, but the meaning I'd intend with using it is "seven seas." Water, in an obscure way, has a lot of meaning in my life, and so the idea of a water name really appealed to me. I also loved the soft, sweet cadence of Nanami when spoken. More broadly, some Japanese heritage in the family plus a love of the culture made it more something that I liked the idea of, having my child receive a Japanese name for a MN.
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    I think Astoria goes the best with Sansa. Adelaide and Agnes have a more vintage vibe to them. Stylistically I think Astoria just fits better since its a little more "out there" too.

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    I voted for Astoria. Like other posters have mentioned, Astoria is the best fit because it's a rare choice like Sansa. Adelaide and Agnes are both well-known names with centuries of use, so they both feel very odd with Sansa.

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    While I think all of these names can work, I voted for Astoria Miharu. As I have seen you around on...listography, I think, I still love Sansa and Astoria for you.

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