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    I like both Penelope and Felicity. I don't like Beatrix, but it seems to be very in right now.

    I work in childcare in Australia and none of these names are common. I have taught one Felicity and no Penelope. I imagine that there will be a few Beatrix's coming up through the classes in the next few years.

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    All great names! I am still delighted with Felicity and only know one other, who is five.
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    Whichever one you choose, you cannot go wrong. Felicity, Beatrix, and Penelope are all great names. If I had too pick a favorite, I would say Penelope. I love the nn Penny.
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    All three I love but felicity gets my vote! Pretty with a geat meaning and underused. Frilly but grounded.
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    I'm also from Australia, and my daughter, Penelope, was born in December. We had chosen our girls name before Kourtney Kardashian had her baby, and it's a name I always loved. I was SUPER annoyed with KK, but not one person has mentioned that to me. In fact, SO many people have said what a pretty, original name it is. It really isn't popular here. I have only met one other Penelope in my life, and she is the same age as me. She also has not come across any other Penelope's. Anyway, obviously that is my vote, I love the nn Penny, and it suits her to a T. I recommend calling your bump each name for one full week, and see what feels right. You'll know

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