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    In Oz, too...Penelope is my absolute favorite name for a little girl. We are due in 5 weeks but, sadly, DH will not even consider Penelope! : ( I love the potential nicknames of Nellie and Pippa. I worried about the KK thing (before I resigned myself to the fact that I'd never be able to use the name due to DH's objection), too. However, I have not heard of any little Penelopes in the US (I was born & raised in the US w/ all my family still there and lots of friends w/ young kids/babies) thru the grapevine. I have a feeling it is going to get popular here in Oz but, it is just a hunch as I have not heard about any little Penelopes here, either. I have only met one in my 9 years here (and I teach primary school) & she is now 12 and goes by the nn Penny.

    I also like Beatrix & Felicity but not as much as Penelope! I think Flick is a spunky little nn and Bea is very sweet.

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    I am shocked that I would vote this way, but I think Beatrix. I am usually annoyed with it because I like Beatrice so much better. Penelope is skyrocketing. I hear it everywhere all the time. Felicity is just not my cup of tea. I am not sure if I like it or not. Beatrix has more substance than the other two.

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    Felicity is my least favorite--Beatrix and Penelope are both...ballsier? Not in an androgynous sort of way!

    I realize Penelope may have lost a little edge with it's growing popularity and its garnering of the dreaded Kardashian stamp of approval; I still think it's got style And Beatrix is just kind of rad (Beatrix Kiddow, anyone?)

    Felicity is pretty enough, and definitely not overdone, but that's about it, for me anyway.
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    Thanks so much to everyone for your responses! A complete range, but very helpful I'm really liking these three as a sibset - here's hoping for three girls!

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    I like Beatrix and Penelope are great names with fantastic nicknames - Beat and Penny or Trixie and Penny. If I had to rank them, I would say that I slightly prefer Beatrix. However, I don't think the Kardashians have ruined Penelope- they are a flash in the pan.

    I don't like the name Felicity as much as the other two. In a sibset with Beatrix and Penelope, I like Evelyn (Evie), Eleanor (Ellie or Nora), Eliza (Ellie or Liz), Genevieve (Genni or Eve) and Gwendolyn (Gwen).
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