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    Question Veda

    I have always loved Veda but I have my reservations. I'm not Hindu. Is it too religious? I lived in India for 6 months while studying abroad so I do have connections. I mostly just like Veda for its meaning, intelligence/understanding. Thoughts?
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    I love this name! I also lived in India for two years and married into a lovely Hindu-family. This is not a common name in India, that I know of. I do not think it is a weird choice, though, and have seen it in baby name lists from India. If your daughter ever goes to India, everyone will certainly know what her name means! And I think they will actually like it a lot! If you are worried about offending devout Hindus, I could not see that happening, really. And I think as long as she knows what her name means and knows about your connection to India and that you chose it for it's meaning and origin, then it is a lovely choice.

    There are some more names in India with veda incorporated into them:
    Vedanti = Knower of the vedas
    Vedashri = Saraswati, knows all vedas

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