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    If it's going to be _____ Ramona, then probably a name that doesn't end in an -a or -r would be best. A lot also depends on your surname. One of my personal fav 'E' names for girls is Eveline... it's from a James Joyce poem, and there's an awesome song by Nickel Creek by this name. Eveline Ramona is quite spectacular to me, and I love Eveline and Aubrianne. I love that they are both 3 syllables, so they fit without being overly matchy.
    Others (sorry for any repeats):
    Miriam Ramona
    Maryam Ramona
    Marjorie Ramona
    Maxine Ramona
    Margaret Ramona
    Marigold Ramona
    Morgandy Ramona
    Mavis Ramona
    Marcy Ramona
    Macy Ramona
    Mable Ramona
    Marin Ramona
    Marjoram Ramona
    Magnolia Ramona
    Maisie Ramona
    Maeve Ramona
    Melody Ramona
    Nicole Ramona
    Nadine Ramona
    Natalie Ramona
    Nelly Ramona
    Nessa Ramona
    Naomi Ramona
    Noemi Ramona
    Eden Ramona
    Edith Ramona
    Elise Ramona
    Elle Ramona
    Elizabeth Ramona
    Ellen Ramona
    Elaine Ramona
    Elodie Ramona
    Eloise Ramona
    Eve Ramona

    Genevieve Ramona
    Gwyneth Ramona
    Jessamine Ramona
    Jeanette Ramona
    Odette Ramona
    Penelope Ramona
    Camille Ramona
    Coralie Ramona
    Coraline Ramona
    Delphine Ramona
    Helen Ramona
    Iris Ramona
    Hyacinth Ramona
    Laurel Ramona
    Lucy Ramona
    Tamsin Ramona
    Vivian Ramona
    Cecily Ramona
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    Emmeline was my first thought it sounds really good with your daughters name and Emmeline Ramona Sounds great!
    Aubrianne Hope Rebecca and Emmeline Ramona Joy/Emmeline Ramona Pearl would be my suggestion! I also like Mirabel Ramona Joy...

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