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    Ways to use Lyons as Aurelia's middle name?

    We are expecting a surprise in August... Our surname is Forman

    If they are a boy we are set on Peregrine Lyons "Penn". Lyons was my grandmother's grandmother's maiden name, and is also my uncle's middle name. After deciding on the boy's name I realised how happy I am about the idea of using my uncle's name and how much it means to him, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to use Lyons for a girl?

    The first name will most likely be Aurelia...I have thought of Lyonet (the Arthurian character) but I don't really like how it sounds... Maybe Lenore? Other middles we like are Fern, Violet (but so popular), Artemis, Maeve..

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    D? - due August... Peregrine Lyons or Aurelia ?????

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    I like Aurelia Lyonet and Aurelia Artemis. Maybe you should use Aurelia Lyons?
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    I much prefer Aurelia Maeve or Aurelia Fern. Aurelia Lyons is a LOT of L's... kinda like a tongue twister. Aurelia Lenora has the rhymy -a -a. The only other way is 2 mns... I still much prefer Lyons to Lenora.

    I wouldn't use Aurelia Artemis, as it will slur to Aureliartemis.
    Aurelia Maeve Lyons- I think I prefer this one...
    Aurelia Fern Lyons- Fern is a bit too grounded when put with Lyons...
    Aurelia Violet Lyons- Too many L's for me...
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    Why can't you use Aurelia Lyons? Honestly, I feel that using any name other than Lyons gets rid of the family significance. Aurelia Maeve Lyons is really pretty if you want to break up Aurelia and Lyons.
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    I suppose I thought both Iris's names were quite feminine, and my DH isn't a massive fan on Lyons for a girl, though the more I think about it I don't mind it as is. I know exactly what you mean Southernmaple!

    I really don't want to do two middle names as my stepson and daughter just have the one, and have two and it's a pain on forms.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
    Long time name lover...

    DD - Iris Ophelia (2011)
    D? - due August... Peregrine Lyons or Aurelia ?????

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