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    I think Magnolia and Anneliese go very well together.

    NN wise, I like best:

    Magnolia - Aggie, Nolie, Nola, Noel, Allie

    Anneliese - Anna, Elise, Isa, Allie, Nell(ie)
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    I think they sound lovely together.

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    I love Maisie for Magnolia and I think they sound nice together! Other nn options for Anneliese are Annie or Anna!

    EDIT: I really love the idea of Maisie and Nell as sibs! I think that is adorable.
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    Love the idea of sisters named Annaliese and Magnolia! Beautiful! To bad your husbad won't go for Maggie! Maisie is adorable too though. I also really like Nolia as a nn for Magnolia. Magnolia without a nn would be awesome as well, same with Annaliese although they will both probaly be shortaned by friends at some point.
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    @mary-la and @averelladavina, I think we have similar tastes in names! I see several that I love in both your lists. I've considered Matilda instead of Magnolia, but DH doesn't like it as much and I don't love that it seems to be very trendy in the UK--and perhaps soon in the US. But wouldn't Matilda (Tilda/Tillie) and Anneliese (Liesel!) be adorable as sisters?

    [Also, Adalheid, Casilda or Hildemara! Those are new. Super-Germanic names are my GP, but DH will not go for it. (Though we briefly talked about naming a son Wolfgang after my grandfather!)]

    I think Anneliese will pass the DH test, though, especially as it has 3 good namesakes from both sides: my mom's foster mother (Anneliese), my best friend (mn is Elise), his mom's mn (Ann) and not to mention his mom's fn as a middle (Deborah).
    Thanks for your input!

    I think my top choice for mns right now are May/Maisie & Nell. Or May and Ann if we go for the plain route.

    Nolie, Nola, Nolia are all cute, but out for us because we went to a university whose football team is called the Noles. And, yes, people are crazy about football (though we aren't), so they would DEFINITELY make the connection there if there was a little girl with such a similar name running around.

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