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    Magnolia and Anneliese

    Do these names clash horribly as sister names? The southernness of Magnolia and the Germanness of Anneliese?

    These are my two top girl names right now for our first (due in Dec, gender TBA). DH is more sold on Magnolia, so that's current #1. But if we use one does it rule out the other for the future?

    mn and nn plans are
    Magnolia Irene nn May or Maisie
    Anneliese Deborah nn Elise, Lisie, Liesel?

    Both have particular personal significance. We have both lived in the US South for extended times and Magnolias are iconic there and associated with good memories. Anneliese is the name of a sweet foster grandmother who is possibly close to the end of her life. mns are my mother (Irene) and MIL (Deborah).

    For reference, other possible future sibling names are Reuben, Ezra, Ezekiel, Jedidiah, Abraham, Naomi Christine or Winnifred Christine, Josephine, Mirabel...

    Thoughts? Alternative suggestions for mns or nns?

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