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    Middle name for Calvin

    My husband and I have FINALLY decided on a name, Calvin. I don't love the meaning, but I am hoping to pick a strong middle name to make up for it. My husband has said I can pick out anything I want for the middle name and I just don't know what to choose!

    I like Calvin Alaric, but I know my husband hates Alaric so I'd like to try to come up with some other ideas.

    Any ideas would be helpful.

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    javad Guest
    Calvin is a nice name. But yeah, it'd be nice to get a good meaning to make up for the 'bald;hairless' meaning of Calvin. I normally like the name Alaric quite a lot, but I don't think it pairs up with Calvin well, they just have too many shared sounds (prominent 'L' and 'C' sounds especially). I think I longer, 'flowy' kind of name would match up best with Calvin, such as:

    Calvin Aurelius
    Calvin Everett
    Calvin Emmanuel
    Calvin Augustus
    Calvin Amias
    Calvin Julius
    Calvin Phineas
    Calvin Elliot
    Calvin Anatole
    Calvin Destry
    Calvin Elias
    Calvin Leonidas
    Calvin Leopold
    Calvin Solomon
    Calvin Raleigh
    Calvin Osias
    Calvin Darius
    Calvin Lucius

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    Calvin is such a lovely name! My favourite Calvin combo is probably Calvin August!

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