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    fiammetta Guest
    Both names are absolutely beautiful! At this point in time, I slightly prefer Cecily, but it always swaps and changes. From your combinations, I especially adore Cecelia Maisie, Cecily Fiona and Cecily Aurora based on flow. Based on names I like, I would go for Cecelia Ivy, Cecily Aurora and Cecily Olive.

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    Cecily is a thousand times more interesting, unusual, and pretty than the faux-Latin, mispelt Cecelia.

    Cecily Aurora is gorgeous!
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    Cecelia Ivy is my run-away favourite of those options. Just lovely. I'd spell it Cecilia though.

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    I prefer Cecily. Cecily Fiona and Cecily Aurora are lovely.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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