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    No John Lennon. Actually there was this YouTube video of these sisters Lennon and Maisie. They are amazingly talented but I saw that name and thought, how cool. My hubby picks middle names and he does the family thing. His moms middle name is Zoe.

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    My favorite of your choices is Zoe Lennon. It sounds very chic. I also like the idea of Winter Zoe nn Winnie. Very cute!
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    My ranking is...

    1. Olive Zoe - I love Olive. It's 10 times better than Olivia. Great combo.
    2. Zoe Winter - Love it.
    3. Winter Zoe - Nice combo.
    4. Zoe Lennon - I like Zoe better than Winter but i'm not loving Lennon.
    5. Lennon Zoe - Lennon is a little too matchy with your son's name.

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    Liam and Olive are just so adorable together, so my first pick is Olive Zoe. My rankings:

    1. Olive Zoe
    2. Zoe Winter
    3. Zoe Lennon
    4. Winter Zoe
    5. Lennon Zoe - I agree that it's matching with Liam and will likely be interpreted as a boy's name. Plus, most will think you are honoring John Lennon, which it sounds like you are not
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