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    boy name to go with older brother Hunter

    Looking for boy names to go with an older brother named Hunter. Nothing to crazy, so far Justin Ray is the only thing in the running

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    Hunter and Justin are a nice pair. I also think these go well with Hunter:

    Finn or Flynn
    Ryan or Ryland
    Jack or Jude
    Lachlan or Landry
    Austin or Anderson
    Macon or Miles
    Everett or Emmett
    Ian or Eamon
    Channing or Banning
    Cole or Colton
    Tatum or Trent
    Nolan or Bowen (nn Bo)
    Bryce or Brent
    Pierce or Patrick
    Reid or Rhys

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    Justin is nice, but I wonder if it will sound a little dated in a few years.

    I kind of like the idea of using another occupational name, nothing too matchy: Hunter and Archer; Hunter and Ryder; Hunter and Falconer; Hunter and Walker; Hunter and Keifer; Hunter and Flecther; Hunter and Taylor?
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    I know a woman with two little boys named Hunter and Liam and I think they go great.

    Hunter and Liam
    Hunter and Levi
    Hunter and Adam
    Hunter and James
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