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    Brody & Zane are my favorites! Really don't care for Lachlan, Atticus, or Gustav... I think they'd very difficult for a child to pronounce too.

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    Brody - Sorry, I can't stand this name. It reminds me of "grody"
    Declan - Like it, but I would never use it because of personal associations.
    Joseph "Joe" - I think Joe/Joey is really under appreciated! I like it a lot But I'm a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S addict so maybe I'm biased!
    Booker - I'm okay with some of the -er surname names, but I just don't see the appeal of this one.
    Zane - I'm on the fence with this one.
    Judah - A bit too religious for me. I love Jude though!
    Frederick "Freddie" - It's cute, reminds me of the iCarly character
    Calvin "Cal" - I like Cal more than Calvin
    Theodore "Teddy" - I agree that I like Teddy way more than Theodore... Not sure how to get Teddy another way though!
    Patrick "Pax" - Not a big fan of Patrick or Pax
    Lachlan - I like it!
    Ciaran/Cillian/Killian - Sounds too harsh for me
    Noah - I love Noah, but it's just so popular
    Dominic "Dom" - Don't love it
    Donovan - It's okay, not my favourite
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit" - Love the nicknames Gus and Kit, never even thought of getting them from Atticus! So clever
    Gustav "Gus" - Again, love Gus... Gustav on the other hand, I really don't like
    Shepherd (although I'm leaning more toward this as a MN...) - I think this could make an interesting middle name, I'm not so keen on it as a first name

    One of my personal favourites is Desmond, which sounds like it might be your style.

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    fiammetta Guest
    Brody - I don't like this name, it's very 00's.
    Declan - Nice and strong.
    Joseph "Joe" - Love this!
    Booker - Not a fan.
    Zane - Not my style.
    Judah - For some reason, this name seems offensive to me, though I have absolutely no idea why! I do like the sound however. What about Jonah?
    Frederick "Freddie" - Love this!
    Calvin "Cal" - Dated. I prefer Caledon.
    Theodore "Teddy" - I know what you mean about Theodore - I feel pretty much the same way. I love the nickname Teddy and I like Theodore for the Theo part - not too sure on the -dore ending. It is somewhat handsome and strong however.
    Patrick "Pax" - Nice choice of nickname! Though I do adore Paddy. My friend is naming her son this when he is born in a month or so. I prefer Padraic or Padraig however.
    Lachlan - So handsome! Its decline in popularity is nice. My brother's middle name is Loche (lock), because my step-mum didn't like the popularity of Lachlan.
    Ciaran/Cillian/Killian - I have always LOVED Killian, though I try to stick to traditional spellings, there's something about Cillian I just don't like. Ciaran is handsome.
    Noah - So cute for a little boy and strong for a man.
    Dominic "Dom" - Always have liked this, though it's a bit too trendy for me personally.
    Donovan - I don't like this.
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit" - Love Atticus! It's been on and off my list. I don't like the nickname Gus, but I LOVE Kit and have never thought of it for Atticus, but it totally works!
    Gustav "Gus" - So handsome!
    Shepherd (although I'm leaning more toward this as a MN...) - I'm not a fan.

    Good luck!

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    Brody - eh it seems dated to me for some reason, I strongly prefer Brady
    Declan - LOVE Declan and I think it fits great with some of your other names
    Joseph "Joe" - LOVE LOVE LOVE!! The classic Joseph is always a great choice
    Booker - I prefer this as a MN but Booker T Washington would be a nice namesake
    Zane - I like it as a mn for you
    Judah - I love Jude so much more but Judah is very nice 1too
    Frederick "Freddie" - Frederick is sweet, I love it as a MN
    Calvin "Cal" - LOVE I think it is so perfect for your list. I can so see you with a little Cal!
    Theodore "Teddy" - I sent you a pm about this one but Thaddeus nn Teddy might work too!
    Patrick "Pax" - Ooh I love Pax as a NN for this! I love Patrick and Pax is so great with it!
    Lachlan - love Lachlan at the moment too!
    Ciaran/Cillian/Killian - I like the Kieran spelling better but Ciaran is nice too
    Noah - I love the Noah's Arc connection and it fits great with your other names
    Dominic "Dom" - well you know how much I love this one! I think it is just such a great name! It definitely deserves a spot
    Donovan - I like it a lot
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit" - This one has always seemed pretentious to me but I think it would work just fine
    Gustav "Gus" - Very unexpected but I like it
    Shepherd - well you know how I feel about this one too haha but I think Shepherd is such a great MN! Though I love it as a FN too

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Brody It's all right.
    Declan I like this one. Both of these seem trendy.
    Joseph "Joe" I like this one too!
    Booker Interesting! I like the history. But it seems to have great teasing potential. Sorry
    Zane I like this one.
    Judah A nice biblical choice.
    Frederick "Freddie" I like this one!
    Calvin "Cal" I like this one.
    Theodore "Teddy" I believe some people have used Teddy a stand alone. I also read a trilogy (the "Emily" books by L. M. Montgomery) where Teddy is used as nickname for Frederick.
    Patrick "Pax" I love this!
    Lachlan It's ok.
    Ciaran/Cillian/Killian I know it's a traditional Irish name, but I can't get over the first syllable of Cillian/Killian. I think my mom would flip if I used those names.
    Noah I like this. It is popular.
    Dominic "Dom" I like this one.
    Donovan I like this one. There was this singer in the seventies?, but still cute.
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit" I like this one. It seems popular.
    Gustav "Gus" I like Gus, but not in love with Gustav. The way I would pronounce the long version is Goo-stahv. Gus may look like a natural nickname for this one, but I actually think they don't go together. I prefer Gus with Atticus or some form of August or something.
    Gus could also be a nickname for Angus which seems like your style.
    Shepherd (although I'm leaning more toward this as a MN...) As a middle name it's cool.

    I really like/love most of the names on the list. My favorites are Declan, Joseph, Frederick, Zane, Calvin, Patrick, Noah, and Donovan.

    Good Luck!
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