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    Have to agree on the above comments that Colton matches wonderfully with Dixie. My taste would lean towards Joe in other circumstances but Colton Joe is a wonderful choice.
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    Colton Joe goes great with Dixie Mae... sounds like a good Southern family.
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    I think Joe Bryce is nice. I agree with other posters that Colton is a good match with Dixie and a good name. This could be good or bad, but the Colton Joe combination makes me think of Joltin' Joe DiMaggio and the Simon and Garfunkel song.

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    I really like Colton and Remy!

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    My favorite combo = Colton Banks.
    I think Colton & Dixie (love, btw!) would make a great sibset! I know a young man named Banks (although it is 'officially' his middle name, I have known him to be called solely by his mn since we were both children; he is a "Jr" so was given his father's first name but no one calls him by it...). Anyway, I think it's a very handsome name on a boy and rarely heard.

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