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    A few combos with Adam

    Adam is one of my favorite boy named since forever. I like it from every side - how it is short and sweet, masculine, strong and has Biblical reference. I am still in search for perfect combo though so please tell me what you think of my ideas. I will add my comments.
    Adam Harvey - I see Harvey as a refreshing name which balances quite popular Adam out.
    Adam Levi - they are both two-syllable and Biblical but I just like them together.
    Adam Leopold - something longer than my beloved Adam Leo.
    Adam Noah - honestly, I don't really like how -m flows into N but Noah is a very special name for me.
    Adam Jared
    Adam Jude - this one gives me the complete sound, I just don't know why but looks like a perfect flow to me.
    Adam Valentine
    Adam Elisha
    Adam Jesse - sounds like a cool guy to me, just opinion.

    Could you please not only tell your favorites but comment on every name? I would be very grateful if you did. Ideas welcome too, thanks.

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    I like the name Adam too! Since Adam is two syllables and four letters, I prefer longer names in the middle spot for balance. Here are my thoughts on your Adam combos. I have bolded my favourites.

    Adam Harvey - This is fine as long as you don't have a two-syllable surname as well.
    Adam Levi - they sound ok but they're the same length.
    Adam Leopold - this has a good mix of different syllable counts and it looks better written out than Adam Leo.
    Adam Noah - They're four letters each but if Noah holds special meaning for you, that's a non-issue.
    Adam Jared - I don't like the two pronounced d's in this combo.
    Adam Jude - I love the name Jude but again those two strong "d" sounds aren't ideal for flow.
    Adam Valentine - This combo has a good balance (different syllables, short fn with a longer mn)
    Adam Elisha - I think this combo is lovely!
    Adam Jesse - this combo sounds good and Jesse is one letter longer. I like that Adam has too a's and Jesse has two e's. It would work best if your surname was longer.
    All the best,

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    Thank you very much, Mischa! I am very grateful for you reply.

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    I also like Adam for the reasons you mention.

    Adam Harvey - I am not a fan of Harvey but it is fine in middle spot.
    Adam Levi - This is a great combo.
    Adam Leopold - I actually prefer Adam Leo andnifnit is beloved, why not go for it.
    Adam Noah - I like this but not nearly as much as Adam Leomand Adam Levi.
    Adam Jared - this is okay, nothing special.
    Adam Jude - I like this one.
    Adam Valentine - too feminine a middle name to me.
    Adam Elisha - again the middle name comes across as feminine to me.
    Adam Jesse - I like this.

    Frankly, I would go with Adam Leo.
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    Thank you, paw. Frankly,I am surprised that you mentioned Valentine and Elisha are feminine, they sound very boyish to my ears. How funny!
    Also, I wanted to add I am just collecting names, I am not pregnant.

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