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    I think Colton sounds really cute, and I have to say my favorite is Colton Brice (Bryce).
    Had our Emilia in April 2014

    My name is Caroline, BeatrixDaisy is just a name I like!

    My favorite names need to be updated LOL

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    I like Colton best of those options, especially paired with Dixie.

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    I love Joseph. But Joe seems kind of informal all on its own. If it was "Joseph Bryce"...I think I could definitely get behind that name.

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    Colton Joe or Colton Brice! I could also get behind Joseph Brice/Bryce, but Joe looks too casual and nicknamey to me. I know there's an argument for naming your kid what you plan to call him, but if everyone assumes that nicknamey name is short for something, I don't think that makes life any easier...
    But Colton and Dixie are a great pair any way you look at them!

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    Thanks y'all! Joe, was my husband's deceased father's middle name. Since we've both agreed not to use his first name he is firm that it be Joe. @ mylittleking I loved Wyatt, but hubby quickly shot it down. @essjay That is what I was afraid of with Banks, hubby's pick, thanks for your input.

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