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    Maybe the worst sibset ever!

    I was out with my family at a pizza place the other night, and at the table behind us a mom was fussing at her two daughters for acting up. I was more than a little horrified to hear "Dymond Renee and Dynasty Sapphire!!" Dymond (Diamond) and Dynasty...oh my. I only know the spelling because the girl's name was written on her bag.

    Does it get worse than this?

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    Haha yikes! Once I met twins called Longtrail and Shorttrail. Some people, amirite?

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    Longtrail and Shorttrail - errrrr, how very strange........

    And as for Dymond and Dynasty......

    It's a bit different but in the Indian culture - most people have nick names that are in no way related to actual names. For example - I knew a sibset that were called Tukoo, Pukoo and Cuckoo......I kid you not!!

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