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  • Felicity Louisa

    22 41.51%
  • Felicity Carol

    17 32.08%
  • Felicity Sara

    9 16.98%
  • Bridget Louisa

    21 39.62%
  • Bridget Caroline

    20 37.74%
  • Bridget Sara

    7 13.21%
  • Violet Louisa

    24 45.28%
  • Violet Caroline

    17 32.08%
  • Violet Sara

    4 7.55%
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    Still working on the middle names

    We are struggling so much with middle names for a girl! I'd love your advice. My son's middle name honors my father (John Patrick) and brother (Patrick Michael). My first daughter's name honors my grandmother (Madelyn) and my husband's grandmother (Esther). My second daughter's name honors my mom and sister-in-law (both named Susan). We really don't have any other prominent women in our lives to honor except for my mother-in-law (Connie Lou). Connie and Lou are nearly impossible to use in the middle. But she hates Constance because she was always called Constance even though her full name is just Connie. I believe Lou came from her grandmother Louisa, which is where we are getting Louisa. The only other important women in our lives that we would want to honor are my husband's aunt Carol, who passed away from cancer seven years ago) and my best friend in the world, Sara. There are other family names we can use, but none that really honor someone important to us.

    Anyway, my poll has some of the combos we are considering. Please choose your favorite for each first name. And if you have other advice or suggestions, please comment below. Thanks as always, berries!

    If it's a boy, he will be Theodore James after my husband's great-grandfather Theodore and my favorite uncle James.

    Oh, and one other thing -- my niece (whose grandmother was Carol) already has the middle name Caroline, after her grandma. I don't think they would mind if we used it too, and I would definitely talk to them first. But would this be enough to make you avoid it?
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    Mom to Alexander Patrick (11), Madelyn Esther (8), Genevieve Susan (3), and Theodore James (stillborn at 37 weeks on February 3, 2014). Expecting #5 (a girl) in May 2015 -- Penelope Bridget.

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