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    I like Mason but since it's popular I feel like I'm supposed to hate it... but idc. Brayden and Karson Stella are horrible names. Trip is an okay-ish name (for a sim) but Tulip? Why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkballerina View Post
    These sound exactly like the type of names that would appeal to the kind of people who would jump at the chance to be on reality tv.
    This. I hate to stereotype, but reality TV does have a "type."

    Mason isn't a bad name though. It just gets a lot of heat because it's trendy.

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    The Karson Stella one just bugged me so much. That's like... "son of the marsh star". I think Stella Karson Would have been better. That lady is just... so dumb and crazy; I've seen both her wedding, the where are they now thing, and Bridezilla's Boot Camp. Crazy.

    Brayden is really silly with the extra lettering. Just stick with Braden, please... There's this girl who graduated in my class who named her first son Braeyden and a few years later named his brother Laeyden. WHAT. WHY.

    I agree with you erykah200... Trip and Tulip should be left for Sims, unless you're super brave. Tulip is really cute, but I can't see a grown woman wearing it. Maybe as a middle name, instead of Lily or Rose. Stella Tulip. Hmm...
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