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    I love Tiberius and Augustus. Maybe Tiberius more. I also go for the -us endings (see my name lists at the end....we're planning on using Marcellus as a MN, and Caius is one of my top choices EVER). We like ancient names and Latin names, too.

    Augustine is also nice, but I guess I am always wondering if it would be pronounced AugusTEEN or AuGUStine by the person wearing the name. Not that pronunciation should stop you -- my DH and I have certainly chosen names that most people often don't "get" but like later.

    Good luck!
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    I think they're awesome as middle names. Just don't pair Tiberius with James or Kirk.

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    I love both of these names though Augustus is my least favourite name in the August- family.
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    Tiberius I don't like too much (feel very 'heavy' to me). But Augustus is great, and sometimes my favorite of the 'August' family. However, now that you've mentioned Aurelius, that one is definitely my favorite of all. Pascoe Aurelius is awesome! Pascoe is very Easter though, sounds slightly out of place if born nowhere near Easter time.
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    I saw you just mentioned Aurelius... I love Aurelius or Augustus even as a fn... However, Tiberius I would only use as a mn. Tiberius feels regal, but heavy. Aurelius and Augustus are both much lighter. Between the two, I much prefer Aurelius- who doesn't love Marcus Aurelius. Plus, it's more unique to me than Augustus...
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