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    The nanny speaks nothing but German to Agnes 30hrs a week and I take her to German kindergarten on Saturdays plus any cartoons she watches are in German. At two and a half her understanding of German is excellent but her spoken German is way behind her English.

    We didn't find any language delay for English; she had a 47 word vocabulary at 18mo which is normal.

    Other friends have found children can rebel against a language only one parent speaks eg 'no mummy, everyone else says 'bird' not 'Vogel''. I'm hoping that hearing a wider language community at play group will help. At worst she's had a opportunity we both regret missing out on so I'm glad we're giving it a go.
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    Both DH and I are monolingual. I learned French in high school but have forgotten most of it. Learned Mongolian while I lived there and have now forgotten most of it. Learned snippets of Nepali, Hindi, Begali, Bahasa, Arabic, Divehi and Tamil while in the relevant countries. We do live overseas so our daughter at least has a lot of exposure to other languages. We have plans to move (again) to another country where she will have greater opportunities for language immersion.

    I really don't care whether it's called being fluent, bilingual, native, whatever. Learning another language is a good thing and I am happy for my daughter to have these experiences, whatever you want to call it.
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    I find it hard - and weird - to speak one language at your home which isn't your native language.

    To me, being bilingual is way different than just "learning another language". I've been studying English for 10 years (I'm 18) and I still struggle. The feeling that, no matter how many years I study, I'll never be 100% comfortable (as I do in my native language) is terrible

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    A family friend who is from Switzerland has raised her two girls to know both English and Swiss. When they were little they had books in Swiss and they can talk in both languages.
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    My son is being raised bilingual.
    My husband was born and raised speaking spanish (in Mexico) and now lives in Canada and speaks english fluently.
    I grew up speaking English but lived in mexico for many years with my husband before moving back and am fluent in spanish.

    My husband ALWAYS speaks to him in spanish. We both speak spanish to each other as well as to him when we are all together and I speak English to him when we are with friends and my family.

    He also has books, dvds and music in BOTH languages. He will go to school in English since there is no other option where we live but once he is old enough he will attend spanish classes on saturdays.

    He was a bit slow to start talking as someone else mentioned can happen but he is now 2.5 and speaks and understand BOTH languages extremely well and is considered ahead for his age in BOTH languages!

    For us both languages are very important as we might one day move back to Mexico AS WELL as needing him to be able to communicate with grandparents, uncles aunts etc. none of whom speak English.

    A second language is awesome to teach to you kids to have but can really only be done if you yourself are fluent in the language! Otherwise you don't really know if you are teaching it correctly!
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