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    I am a bit dubious of our chances of successfully raising Antoine to speak/understand Arabic. It was his father's first and only language (he didn't understand a word of English, despite being born in the US) until age 5; and the language his entire extended family is most comfortable in. Antoine hears it daily, over Skype, and when the grandparents are visiting, he's spoken to in it exclusively.

    However, most bicultural children end up with aural comprehension of the second language and speak exclusively in the dominant one. It's a natural process-- both parents speak and comprehend English; school, television, conversations on the street, ordering in a restaurant, etc is all in English, but not so for Arabic. There are always Saturday language schools which teach reading & writing as well (especially important if the second language has an entirely separate script or writing system), but most immigrant kids I know grew up loathing and despising them.

    I speak French fluently but other than a few nursery rhymes it feels very contived to talk to the baby in it.
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