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    I have not done this, but we have friends who are raising their daughter to be trilingual. The mom is French and the dad is Columbian. Sofia's mom speaks to her only in French, and her dad speaks to her only in Spanish. She goes to daycare where she is only spoken to in English. The daycare is also teaching her baby signs, and her mom told me that this seemed to really help her tie all three languages together. Sofia is one and a half now and has very few words, but some language delay is really normal for kids raised w. multiple languages. Sofia's mom told me that she did have to educate their doctor about this, b.c he was all concerned w. her lack of words at 18 months.

    I have a friend who inadvertently did this also- they spoke only Punjabi at home and planned that their son would learn English when he started school. But then he picked up Spanish from their housekeeper as well.

    The school that my son is districted for just turned into an immersion Spanish or Mandarin school. Some of our friends went to immersion schools like this and still speak the second language fluently, so this is something we may do in four or five years when he is old enough.

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