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    You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Okay, so in this game you have multiples! You can do as many stories as you like, but you need a different set for each story. Basically just say who you are, what you're having, how many of each gender you are having and why and how you chose their names! If you prefer you can have just one child, but multiples are fun!

    My Story:

    Hi, I am Eliza Jane Thymes, married to Edward John Thymes! We are expecting... triplets! They are all girls and we plan on naming them fun, whimsical, hippy, and yes, a bit odd names! They will be...
    Sunflower Delilah Plum "Sunny"
    Marigold Violetta Dream "Goldie"
    Primrose Camillia Snow "Rosie"

    We are very into the environent and thought their names should reflect that! Their middle names we wanted a bit more solid but still fun! The second middle names were all short, simple and sweet, but they add a lot! And the nicknames are just darling!

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    hi, or names are Chelsea Rose Hazard, and Jacob Anthony Hazard better know as Jake, we are expecting our second set of multiples, we already have twin daughters with name Rachel Marie and Rebecca Lynne and now are expecting quads, the quads are identical and all boys this is rare and we feel very blessed we have chose to name them
    Thomas Levi Alexander
    Andrew Donovan Abraham
    Isaac Nathaniel Ambrose
    James David Aaron
    we decide to have all there first names be biblical, as we feel very blessed, their middle names are in honor of lost ones and we made there 2nd middles begin A, because that is our favorite letter of the alphabet

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    Hello my name is Anne~Maree Brea. My husbands name is Eric Brea. We have 5 children already, Brianna 13, Adrianna 9, Hannah 7, Lianna 2 & Tianna 1. We are also having a set of twin girls in August, Alanna & Ilianna.

    All of our kids name in Anna because we wanted just one girl and a boy, so we would of named te girl Anna, but unfortuantly we have no boys so we have to keep naming the girls with anna on the end.If we had a boy we would probably name him Danna.

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    My name is CORRINE ANTEBELLUM "CORRI" and my husband is BRECKAN NASH "BRECK". We have 11 kids.

    Twin daughters: WHITLEY SHAY & SLOANE MARIE (7)

    Whitley and Sloane are named after where we met (Sloan's Cafe in Whitley Reading, UK). Shay is after Breck's friend that died while in the army (Kyle Shay) and Marie is after his little sister (Morgan Marie).


    Morganna and Jordyn were adopted a few months after Breck's sister Morgan Marie died of cancer and are named after her. Leanne and Leah are our grandmothers.


    Spencer, Paisley, and Raegan were adopted. They were named after the hospital and town they were born (Regan Hospital in Spencer, MA) and the doctor who delievered them (Mark Paisley). Their middle names are after their birth mother (Norah Evonne Juno) who died during child birth.


    Last year we decided to try on our one for one more, possibly a boy....but ended up with quads. Rebecca is named after my friend who died (Rebecca Lynne) and my mother's maiden name (Simone), Reef is named after our favorite place (the Coral Reef) and Meghan was my grandfathers favorite name. Ryanne is named after my older brother (Ryland) and Breck's father Joseph. Atlas is named after the mythological character (Atlas) and Breck's cousin Thomas who died as an infant.

    We are DONE having children.

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    Re: You Have Multiples! Tell us your Story!

    I am Georgia Windsor
    My husband is John Windsor

    We are both Candians born in London England. We visit there every year. Multiples run in our family.

    When we found out we were pregnant with triplets, we werent surprised. They are now 10.

    Lucille Sophia "Lucy"
    Dorothy Elizabeth "Dottie"
    William Charles "Willie"

    18 months after the trips (thats what we call them) the deuce (nn) were born. Again, twins didnt surprise us. They are 8 and a half.

    Edward Henry "Eddie"
    Harold Andrew "Harry"

    2 years after the deuce, we got pregnant again. This time, to our surprise there was only one baby. She is 6 and a half.

    Margaret Beatrice "Maggie"

    18 months after Maggie came, we gave birth to twins again. They are 4.

    Catherine Eugenie "Catie"
    Anthony James "Tony"

    3 years after the twins, we had our last kids, trips again. They are 1.

    Josephine Louise"Josie"
    Grace Anne "Gracie"
    Benjamin Peter "Benny"

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