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    Well, I'm sure if it's very severe you've sought doctor's advice. I've used a product before for mild dermatitis, which is called Moo Goo. However, I'm not sure it's available outside of Australia. It's really good for sensitive skins.
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    I'm sorry to hear your little man is struggling with such bad skin problems. Coming from a family where myself, my younger brother and my mum (she has the worst case) suffers from eczema, I truly feel for you. It is often a result of allergies, in my mum and brother's case they have terrible skin primarily due to allergies and low immune systems. For me, mine steams from using some everyday products eg. certain soaps, dishwashing liquid etc. Actually its also important that if you've made any changes with washing powder or detergents that can have an impact as well. Plus if you leave in a very dry climate that has steaming hot summers and ice cold winters. As a few others have mention fragranced detergents can enhance the problem, especially things containing Aloe Vera for some reason that seems to be a common issue with eczema sufferers. So try to keep with the same products as best you can and its often best not to do a full cup of washing powder make it half or so. I know he's probably too little for you to worry about this now, but as he gets older he may develop an itchy or flakey scalp due to bad skin. The simplest way to deal with this is getting him/you to alternate between which he uses. My mum uses a vitamin cream called Celestone, which works well but can create a dependency (eg. the skin craves it to stay clear.) Another thing if it begins to spread all over his body, start bathing him in Pinetarsol, this cools the skin down a great deal. It may be a good idea to get his allergies tested just so you know exactly what you're dealing with. In my case, I had it as a baby on my belly and often behind my knees. And over time it seemed to clear up; but now its come back (because of the cold weather) and gets blistered then cracks on my hands. Another great product that works almost like a moisturizer is called Fatty Ointment Cream. That works really well and has a similar consistency to petroleum jelly. Oh and try goat's milk soap too.

    Sorry if I have overloaded you with ideas and info! I really hope this is helpful and his skin is better soon!

    P.S My little cousin Ezekiel also had very bad eczema and they found that it was actually due to his borderline lactose intolerance so he had to switch formula and was on a strict diet for 12-18 months.
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    We use Seventh Generation Baby Detergent only because it's the only one I can tolerate, so there isn't even harsh detergent residue. We've switched to Cetaphil, as our doctor suggested, which seems to be working out pretty well. We bought their lotion last night, and it doesn't seem to bother him anywhere near as much as Vaseline, so thank you all for that suggestion.

    There are so many wonderful suggestions here. Thank you all so much! I've been feeling kind of lost with this... I've had to switch my soap a lot, but otherwise once it was under control it was fine. Again, thank you.
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    Poor little one! I hope he gets some relief soon. We've had great luck with plain old coconut oil but it is a bit greasy. Also, I don't know if this would be helpful but my friend's doctor advised them to use probiotics and that really helped her daughter's eczema.
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    My daughter has bad eczema and after the steroid cream didn't help and no lotions we tried were working I asked for a referral to an allergist and a dermatologist. We had to cut all soaps ad harsh chemicals used in our house. Including in shampoos, conditioner etc. She has a special eczema cream the allergist prescribed and we also use a eczema "flare up" wash in the bath when it gets bad. She also has food allergies (dairy, egg, tomato and citrus) after cutting out those foods she doesn't have flare ups as often. She mainly gets a flare up after visiting someone else's house and they have used cleaning chemicals etc. before we arrive.
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