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    I'm not sure where you are based but I can't recommend E45 moisturiser enough. Its so kind to the skin and fragrance free. My daughter only ever suffered mild eczema (in her joints, specifically the back of her knees and the inside of her elbows) and it really helped soothe her itchy skin.

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    I second the scented fabric softener and detergent! They get my little one's skin going nuts every time. Surprisingly, the moisturizer that works on him is Shea Moisture's 'Organic Raw Shea Chamomile and Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion'. I also use their shampoo/body wash on him. It's not dirt cheap, but the price is not prohibitive either. When he does get itchy by some unknown culprit, he lives in super skinny pajamas like Baby Gap, etc, where it's very difficult for him to push sleeves or pant legs up.

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    We use Cetaphil cream (the thick tub kind) twice a day and when it was really bad, a layer over that of pure Vaseline at night. Bought cheap Old Navy pajamas since I knew the Vaseline would make them yucky. Also use free & clear detergent and 100% cotton. You have to watch for polyester - especially in any footie type pajamas. I used Desonide steroid cream only when it was really bad but it was worth using. We had a dermatologist as well. Last, she recommended bleach baths (not sure what age you can do it for so you'd want to ask the doctor first) - it was 1/4 cup of bleach to a half full tub and it smelled like the pool but helped kill the bacteria on his skin that made him itch!

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    Okay I can actually contribute to this!

    I've had awful eczema too, since I was a baby. And I've also always had lots of allergies (wheat,dairy,peanuts,eggs) and sensitive skin that gets hives from the slightest things, like snow! I use Cetaphil Skin Moisturizer every day and it works really well, and it's completely hypoallergenic. My mom used to rub Vaseline on my legs at night when I was little, but I hated the feeling and always had a fit, so that stopped. But if it helps, Crisco works just as well as Vaseline. And when it gets really bad in the winter, I have a prescribed steroid cream, Mometasone Furoate is what it says on the label. It's like liquid gold, I swear.

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    Well, I've never had first hand experience with eczema on babies/children, but I have it on my hand from years of submerging my hands in water/product as an Esthetician. I can only use ointments, salves, and vitamin E oil on mine because any kind of lotion or cream usually burns and stings. What I've found to be the best product is something called Country Comfort Herbal Savvy, it's a salve with Golden Seal which is a natural antiseptic and healing agent along with other moisturizing oils and calming herbs. I usually put a thick layer on and then put a lotion glove on for about an hour before bed. Don't bandage it tightly or prevent air from getting to it, because it will prolong the healing process. Make sure he is well hydrated because even mild dehydration can trigger a flare up.

    I also like Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment (also good for bruises and mosquito bites) and just plain old Neosporin.
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