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    Best Moisturizer for Eczema

    Ivan has some pretty terrible eczema. Very red, oozes occasionally, clear no smell, no fever. We aren't sure if he just has my finicky skin or food allergies. I've tried eliminating dairy and nuts, and that seems to help sometimes, but it does flare up despite that.

    Our doctor prescribed a steroid cream at his four month appointment if nothing else works but I'm a little hesitant to use it, mostly because he's all about himself right now. His little hands are everywhere and he's started scratching it a little, and because the warnings for it are so scary.

    We'd been using Aquaphor, but it seemed to just irritate it. We thought it was the extra ingredients, so we started using just straight Vaseline, but that's just as bad. I'm terrified that it'll become infected - mine did in sixth grade. I didn't tell anyone and ended up hospitalized.

    So, does anyone else's little one have eczema? What kind of moisturizer do you use for it? How do you keep little hands off of the more serious stuff?
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    Try eliminating wheat and/or soy. I know a lot of people who's exzema cleared up dramatically after ditching these ingredients.
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    Watch out for perfumes and dyes in products that are touching his skin. I was diagnosed with psoriasis as a child, but eliminating skin irritants has completely cleared up my skin. Watch out for laundry detergent of all things (Dreft is NOT perfume free and sends my skin into fits to this day) and lotions that are supposed to help (a lot of super sensitive kids react to Desitin for example...I've never had problems with Balmex or California Baby). For lotions, I love Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, super mild and worth a try if you want to eliminate possible sources. You can try their face wash as a baby wash too.

    Hope you find something to help your little guy feel better!
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    Wheat! I forgot that was an allergen. I will definitely avoid what and soy. Thank you so much!
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    My son has eczema and has pretty much since birth. He is one and a half now, and it is pretty well under control. He was formula fed, so I did not try any elimination diets. We do use only free and clear detergent, and Dr Bronners baby Castile soap for him. This was one of the only baby soaps I found that was unscented. The doctor also told us not to allow him to re-wear clothes, b.c the dried sweat could irritate it.

    Try running his laundry through an extra rinse after washing it. And try cutting in half the amount of detergent you are using. That made a big difference for us. If you are using dryer sheets or anything, stop. We also got rid of all of his synthetic fiber clothing, b.c those outfits seemed to make it worse. Fleece was especially bad for it (he was a winter baby). I keep him in all cotton, and that helps a lot.

    When it is dry out, I run the humidifier in his room at night. That helps a lot as well.

    Another thing we did was to bathe Levin only once a week for about the first year. Frequent bathing can make it worse, and a small baby just isn't going to get dirty enough to need a daily bath.

    We normally use Eucerin now that he is older and doesn't want to sit still to get buttered up every few hours. When he was littler, we used mainly Shea butter and coconut oil.

    The downside w. Shea butter and coconut oil is that you have to reapply a lot. Coconut oil is a little greasier than shea butter. They both work though, and allergies to either of those are pretty rare. Make sure you get a high quality Shea butter if you do this, b.c the cheap ones often have bits of the nutshells in them. You can find it at natural foods stores, or online. You can get coconut oil in the regular grocery store w. the cooking oils b.c people like it for frying.

    Be really careful w. sun exposure, b.c that makes it worse, too. And if you take him swimming, wash him off right away b.c chlorine and salt do not help.

    If these measures don't help though, I would use the prescribed cream. I understand about being uncomfortable about it, but it is better than it getting infected. I hope it gets better soon!

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