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    Ugh- we are having trouble with a MN now...

    Hi all!

    So I'm a day past my due date and while we have decided our girl name will be Aurelia (if it is a girl!), we are back to the drawing board on middle names. I need inspiration! Here are some we have considered:


    Any other suggestions? I tend to think a shorter middle name works best with Aurelia, but am open to anything. It's not like the kiddo will really ever be writing her middle name, and I have a very long name and never minded it. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

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    Love, love, love Aurelia. Ok, now I'm distracted...

    I like Aurelia Rose the best. I think it's nice because the first name is 3 syllables and more unusual, and I think grounding it with a one syllable, more traditional name is really nice, plus it sounds really pretty!

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    Aurelia Rose

    Aurelia Grace

    Aurelia Marie

    Aurelia Pearl

    Aurelia Belle

    Aurelia Elizabeth

    Aurelia Olivia

    Aurelia Charlotte

    Aurelia Anne

    Aurelia Catherine
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    Aurelia is a fantastic pick! I agree a shorter name (ideally starting with a consonant for flow) works best with Aurelia's frills and vowel sounds. Aurelia Violet is my favorite from your list, Aurelia Rose is pretty but a bit r heavy.

    Aurelia Blythe
    Aurelia Claire
    Aurelia Hope
    Aurelia Jane
    Aurelia Joy
    Aurelia June
    Aurelia Lark
    Aurelia Mae
    Aurelia Maeve
    Aurelia Neve
    Aurelia Pearl
    Aurelia Plum

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