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    wow! Looks like I need to throw out Kinsley and Ashlyn asap! The funny thing is, those are 2 (of the very few) on my list that my hubby will respond to. His name choices are awful! He is not being very helpful which is why I'm looking for feedback from everyone here. Thanks!!!

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    Top 3 are:


    Bottom 3:


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    Gianna - Not really my style, but not terrible. Very Italian.
    Dahlia - Pretty, but reminds me of the psycho character on Suburgatory. She weirds me out.
    Noelle - Never been a fan of Noel or Noelle. More of a middle name to me.
    Michaela - Okayish.
    Olivia - I love this name, but while I can get over popularity for some names, this isn't one of them.
    Riley - More of a boys name for me. But cute.
    Emmalyn - I like this a lot, but prefer the spellings Emmalin or Emmeline. I find unnecessary Ys too trendy.
    Clara - Love.
    Gemma - Love love.
    Laurel - Okay. There are other Laure names I like better.
    Ashlyn - Too trendy.
    Kennedy - Too preppy.
    Angelina - Very cute, but there is the Jolie reference. But if it doesn't bother you, this is a good one.
    Athena - I prefer other Greek names, but nice.
    Adelia - Hum. Not sure how I feel about this one. A bit ambivalent I think.
    Alexa - Love.
    Leilani - Meh.
    Roslyn - Nice.
    Juliette - Also love, especially this spelling.
    Kinsley - WAY too trendy.

    Top Three: Gemma, Clara, Alexa.

    Bottom Three: Kinsley, Ashlyn, Kennedy.
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    Top 3:
    1. Athena
    2. Michaela (I love this spelling only.)
    3. Clara

    Bottom 3:
    1. Riley
    2. Kennedy
    3. Kinsley

    My List:
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    Top 5:
    1. Clara- Classic... you really can't go wrong with this. It makes me think of Shirley Temple's "The Little Princess"...
    2. Adelia- Love this... it's unique, but also quite familiar. There are a lot of similar names which are all popular, incl. Adele, Adela, Adelaide, etc.
    3. Laurel- This is a name that doesn't seem to get a lot of love around here, but I adore. Unlike some flower names, I can see it growing up quite well to fit a professional adult... not just a child. Also, it has a vintage feel, is easy to pronounce, and is not very popular (unlike Clara and Ad- names).
    4. Leilani-I knew a girl with this name, and I absolutely love it! It is quite close to the popular Leila, Lily, Lila, etc., though. I'm also a bit torn about how well it will age, but I honestly love the sound. And I do find this to be a much more unique choice.
    5. Roslyn- I love this. I find it more interesting than the overused Rose names. It also has a much stronger sound to me, which keeps it interesting. Although it's vintage, it's an undiscovered gem. It's a name that I have no reservations as to how it will age...

    Bottom 5:
    1. Kinsley- Too close to Kinsey (the s*x research people)
    2. Juliette- Too tragic. She committed suicide over a ridiculous teenage crush... and she openly defied her parents.
    3. Kennedy- Manly.
    4. Ashlyn- Chavvy...
    5. Riley- Extremely manly. I think of a rambunctious boy.
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