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    Do you think the name Penelope has become too trendy or overused?

    I love the name Penelope still but I wanted a name for my child where it wouldn't seem like everyone had the same name.

    My daughters name is Izabella and at the time I didn't realize it was so popular she was born almost 7 years ago and we know a lot of children with the same name. But with my son Holden we don't have that issue we've yet to meet another Holden.

    Do you think it's better to just use a name and not worry about the popularity of it?

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    I don't think Penelope is popular enough that you need to worry about it. Unlike Isabella, which was #4 seven years ago, Penelope was at #125 in 2012. I try not to worry too much about popularity because really there is no guarantee even if you use a less popular name. There are three Jacqueline's in my daughter's class (she is 7 too), and Jacqueline was #243 the year they were all born. So you just never know. Meanwhile there is not one Isabella in her class of 125 students.
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    I am not a fan of this name but I know a few Penelopes. (3-4) Although I agree with shieldsc about you never know what names are really popular among your child's peers. I know 2 Coras nearly my daughter's age and a lot of Sophias, but no Avas or Caras. You never know so don't worry and use the name you like.

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    I know no Penelopes. I think you should go with it if it is a name you really like.
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    I haven't heard of a single Penelope at all. I see it on a lot of name lists, but haven't heard it on a child. Haven't seen a single one in birth announcements either.

    I think NB often gives a shewed view of popularity, but you got to remember that NB doesn't necessarily reflect actually usage of names or popularity of names

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