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    Sibling for Spencer

    With all your help a year and a bit ago my hubby and I found a name we both liked (Spencer) for our son. Now we are ttc and I want to be prepared with some boys names to start the discussions once we find out. We both like taking time to think about the name.
    We still like the girls name we picked the first time, so just looking for boys names suggestions.
    Hubby likes very traditional and common names (his favorite is Michael). I prefer Irish, Scottish, British names- growing up my favourite boy name was Liam.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not much help for boys, but I would love to meet a sibset of Spencer and Molly or Spencer and Harriet. I also like Spencer and Nicolas, with Spence and Nick as nicknames.
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    I'm with you and might suggest names like Liam, Owen, Ewan, Rhys, Flynn, Callum, Colm..... maybe you just need to land on the right one that he will like too.

    What about Spencer with Elliot, Vincent, Nathaniel, Ezra, Jonah, Leo, Everett, Miles, Xavier.... ?
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    In my opinion, since Spencer is an unisex name, I think you should stick with that kind of "theme." What about Chandler - for a boy or a girl? Spencer and Chandler would be super cute together!

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