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    I met an Eleanor and a June not so long ago, very cute names.
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    The last baby I met was named Silas.

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    I just met 8 day old Adelyn Shae. I know someone who is due at the end of the month and is naming their boy Thatcher Blue. Their 2 year old son is named Paxton Oliver.

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    An online friend just had a son yesterday and named him North.

    A bunch of people that I knew growing up just had babies as well within the past few weeks (thank you FB!)
    Isaiah Daniel
    Hadley June (joins Mason not sure of his mn, and sister Harper Quinn)
    Jesse Charles (joins sisters Laine and Cambrie)

    4 college friends had babies right after my Wolfgang (although they were all baby #2 and one was baby #1 where as Wolfie is the littlest in a bunch!):
    Liam Curtis
    Grayson Micah (big brother Elijah)
    Isaac James (big sister Opal)
    Emmaline Rose (big sister Hannah)

    And coworkers of my DH just had babies...Gillian and Sarah are their names. Also an Ann, not sure if its Ann or Anne, asked DH but he didn't know since he isn't name obsessed like I am.
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